Site of Convergence: Weaving Tapestries of Knowledge

Tumitindig, Tumitindi: Living and Speaking through LGBTQ+ Activism in Urban Philippines

The University of the Philippines Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (UPCWGS) invites everyone to Tumitindig, Tumitindi: Living and Speaking through LGBTQ+ Activism in Urban Philippines on 20 June 2022 (Monday), 2:00-3:30 PM (Manila Time) via Zoom. This event is the seventh session of the “Site of Convergence: Weaving Tapestries of Knowledge” lecture series.

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Our speaker is Victoria G. Amos. She is an Alice Brown Scholar and PhD candidate in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, currently being sponsored by the Institute of Philippine Culture at Ateneo de Manila University as a Visiting Research Associate. She received an Integrated Master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2019.

In the webinar, she will talk about two research projects. She will talk about her fieldwork conducted with UP Babaylan in 2018, which culminated in her dissertation entitled “Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen: Navigating Validity and Authenticity amongst LGBTQ+ Youth in Urban Philippines.” She will also talk about her ongoing research, which seeks to examine the specific discourses and lived experiences of queer Filipinos in relation to the concepts of “coming out,” “being out,” and “LGBTQ+ Pride,” engaging with a broader range of demographics and methodologies in the process of data gathering/dissemination.

For registrants, links will be sent on the day before the event or earlier. Kindly wait for our email. Please make sure to create a Zoom account, and log in your Zoom account before you click on the webinar link. Individuals who do not have a Zoom account and are not logged in will not be able to enter the Zoom webinar. If you have registered but did not get the link, send us your email via a private message on Facebook or email us at [email protected].