Training, Extension, and Outreach

The training, extension, and outreach program focuses on building the capacity of the faculty to integrate women’s/gender theories and topics into their regular courses, aside from providing technical expertise on gender mainstreaming and gender sensitivity projects.

This program includes the design, content, and evaluation of training seminars geared towards addressing women and gender issues and concerns, which take into account innovations and advances in the area. The target recipients of the program are the University of the Philippines (UP) constituent units as well as other state universities and colleges, government, non-government, and civil society groups. Among the training programs the Center has conducted are the following:

  • seminars on gender sensitization and skills enhancement training for curriculum development;
  • establishment of women-friendly and gender-responsive school services and facilities;
  • gender and development (GAD) mainstreaming;
  • gender planning and budgeting;
  • and the intersections of gender and women’s issues with governance, labor, migration, the environment, etc.

Part of the commitment of the Center is to conduct outreach activities that include the provision of training and technical assistance to groups outside the University.

[Updated: 4 June 2018]