Arts-Based Method: Creative Workshop Video Highlights

Last year, the University of the Philippines Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (UPCWGS) conducted the creative movement, visual, and life stories workshops with the LGBTQIA+ cluster and the North Luzon group in pursuit of the arts-based research project. The arts-based research project aims to pioneer a more innovative, engaging, and accessible approach to the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and gender-based violence (GBV) prevention discourse through its arts-based methodology, while also widening the constituency for advocacy by drawing on the feminist standpoint epistemology to find approaches appropriate for sectors with different perspectives.

This method can be more effective than traditional approaches in recontextualizing SRHR as more than a health and women’s concern and casting it more as a personal issue regardless of social standing and gender, and in producing and helping other organizations produce more effective and engaging knowledge products.

The video highlights were developed and produced by the Feminist Media Lab for the UPCWGS and Oxfam Philippines.

You may view the video highlights of the workshops with the LGBTQIA+ cluster here and the North Luzon group here.