Once upon a Pride

Once upon a pride, in a world full of bigotry, hate, indifference, and discrimination, a strong and united front against the enemies of equality has ensured that our struggle for equality and justice lives on.

Every year, in honor of their long history, they celebrate pride – to remember their stories, to reclaim their spaces, and to fight for their rights. As with every story, we always look back to move forward.

Once upon a Pride proudly presents:

Mapping Pride
June 9-30
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Tales from the Queendom | Drag Story Time for Kids
June 19-20
Found the Pot of Gold! | Bazaar
June 20-23
UP Center for Women's and Gender Studies
Paint the Rainbow | Street Mural Painting
June 20-23
Queer Voices Unite! | Pride Unity Statement
June 24
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Together, let us make the dream of a gender equal, gender responsive, and gender transformative world a living reality.