Site of Convergence: Weaving Tapestries of Knowledge

UPCWGS Research Grant 2023: Research Dissemination Forum

The University of the Philippines Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (UPCWGS) invites everyone to the UPCWGS Research Dissemination Forum on 13 August 2024 (Tuesday), 1:00-3:30 PM at the UPCWGS Conference Room. Featuring the research projects of our 2023 Research Grantees, this event is the 10th session of the “Site of Convergence: Weaving Tapestries of Knowledge” lecture series.

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The featured research projects are:

The Face of Menopause: Portraits of the Menopausal Filipino Women by Liza A. Cabrera and Brenda G. Caballero

Women Empowerment and Deprivation in the Philippines: Trends and Comparisons Using DHS Data by John Carlo P. Daquis and Alliah Yvonne B. Bobier

Removing Invisibility Cloak: Accounting Roles and Impacts of Women in Philippine Fisheries and Its Sustainability by Abigail A. Garcia and Jonathan A. Anticamara

Development of a Counseling Framework for Mothers of Children with Perinatally Acquired HIV Disease by Queenie R. Ridulme and Paul Froilan U. Garma